Free Fun Science Shows & Slime Workshops

These holidays we're getting slimey!!

Allow your child to cultivate their love of science through hands-on experimentation with non-toxic chemistry! In this workshop, children will learn the basic science behind slime making and will get to take their special concoction home.

Our super cool science shows will give children the opportunity to assist in the many cool liquid nitrogen demonstrations as our presenter conducts exciting experiments.

Find out how solids, liquids and gases change when rapidly heated and cooled. Smash a squash ball! Shrink a balloon instantly! What happens to living things if they are frozen? How can Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion explain a liquid nitrogen sprinkler? Explore Charles’ Law using popping cans and expanding balloons. Just what is the Leidenfrost effect anyway and more…This science show covers phase changes, expansion and contraction, basic cell theory, air pressure and the weather.

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The activity will be held in the Centre in front of Woolworths.

Dates & Times:

Slime Workshops

Monday 8 July 11am - 1pm

Thursday 11 July 2pm - 4pm

Science Shows

Thursday 18 July 2pm

Saturday 20 July 10am

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